These are the news, improvements and fixed in LegalSign

December, 2019

New Massive Sign of Documents. Simple Sign Only.
New Autocapture is enabled for all users.
New Reminder email to sign is configurable by any user.
New Trash is added to recover deleted documents.
Improved Improved stability and speed of the code.

November, 2019

New Sending reminder is configurable by Mass User or by Company Admin.

October, 2019

New The Mass Signing of Documents is added.
Improved Change in the configuration interface. Sections are created with TABS.
Fixed Auto rotate photos for Apple and Samsung brand phones corrected.
New Changelog page is created.
Fixed Added Autocapture for Facial recognition.
Fixed Added Guided tour at startup after logging in.
New When Approver is activated, mail is not sent to the signer until the document is approved.
Improved There is no longer a TAB for uploaded documents and signed documents. A drop-down side menu is added.
New Drop Down side menu.
Fixed Only Documents of maximum 4MB can be uploaded.

September, 2019

Fixed Shell is created to kill token after a certain time. "Token expired".
Fixed Shell is created to send reminder automatically. Cron must be set to run.
Improved New status "Token Expired" added.
Improved Reminder email uses the template set according to company.
Fixed Document name is included in the reminder email.
New Enter key was deactivated, activated again.
Fixed New Landing-page and colors.
Improved When delete a Signer if there is not sign on Document, no copy is sent to email.
Improved Bodymovin libraries are added in case Liveness doesn't load them.
New Increase on signature execution Time.
New Change column width at Home Section.
New Enterprise Services: Documents are uploaded correctly.

August, 2019

New FEA and Reniec in production.
New Locale is added to display text in English or Spanish.

July, 2019

Improved Corps companies may have their own template to send mail with signature link.

June, 2019

Fixed Se arregla funcion finishDocument.
Fixed JS code is fixed for facial verification.

April, 2019

Improved Company type is also added (type_id) to view create and edit.
New There are types of company: Enterprise and Corporate.
New Reniec (Peru).
New Consolidated and Replication for Finance.
Improved Documents are not deleted, they are only deactivated.
Improved Document can be found by writing a signer's email.